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A Glimmer of Truth

Name: Rhayny

Age: 24 (?) Due to the odd effects of traveling through Shadow, her concept of time has become skewed.

Appearance: Rhayny is a beautiful young woman, standing just shy of five feet, three inches tall. She has the graceful build of a swordswoman or dancer, with dark eyes and long dark hair. She is normally dressed in leathers, giving her a meager protection during battle.

Known Abilities: Besides being a skilled warrior, Rhayny aslo possesses the last of the Ward Amulets. This necklace was forged with eight others, crafted with Shadow, infernal and divine magic to seal away powerful creatures into a prison dimension. While she has never uncovered much about its origins, she has learned several tricks which she uses to augment her natural abilities.

Since the amulet acts as a ward to keep the plane of Shadow from spilling over into other realms, it is also attuned to the sorcery of that realm. Rhayny has taught herself how to step through portals that she creates, allowing her to teleport to other places. She has also created portals underneath enemies, dropping them into the prison dimension. Originally this was achieved by stepping directly into Shadow and making her way to a naturally occuring portal which had been sealed at the time the Ward Amulets were created and "unlocking" them for a brief moment. This proved dangerous as the creatures trapped there would be drawn by the amulet, often forcing her to battle her way to her destination. As her mastery over the realm has increased she managed to sense the portal she wanted and stepped directly to it.

Rhayny has been known to have some odd perceptions because of the amulet, giving her insight into the thoughts of those around her or information about the area she is in. These perceptions sometimes extend into the far past, and have occasionally proven so powerful that she loses herself into them.

Equipment: Rhayny wears her amulet at all times, and will wear dark leathers while adventuring. She once carried her father's sword, but it was broken and lost. She refuses to carry a weapon, feeling disgrace over the loss of her ancestral blade, but has no problems with disarming others and using their weapons.

Rhayny moved quietly across the room to stand nearby as the old woman prepared to cast the bones. "I lose everything that I touch, except for this," she said as she touched the amulet. "Besides I have found that I am always provided with what I need, I see no reason to drag steel around with me when so many useful things are always in reach."

Background: Little is known of Rhayny's background, even by her. She was born in a place called Rhiver; a forested land just south of the King's city of Arseth. Her father was one of the King's most powerful wizard-priests and a guardian of the Ward Amulet she now possesses. She was trained from the age of two to become a swordswoman, under the tutelage of the legendary Azar Din. Agents of Shadow stormed Arseth and burned it to the ground. Rhayny, then a teen, found her father's bloody form and had the amulet pressed into her hand with his dying strength. She fled her homeland and wandered worlds in search of aid.

During her travels she encountered a man known as the Swornblade. This man was searching for the fabled "Book of the Long Winter", which contained hundreds of prophecies. Some of these prophecies were about the end of all worlds, and the Swornblade was convinced that Rhayny was destined to bring about this end. She escaped him and made her way down into the very depths of hell in search of the book, but to no avail.

After several adventures with knights, demons and angels, she made her way to the frozen north. There, in the ruins of a tower the end of reality nearly came, held back by the combined might of the Frost Knights and Rhayny's self sacrifice - throwing herself into a massive Shadow portal to seal it from within the prison plane. Somehow her growing powers over that place allowed her to cocoon herself within a deep cavern, away from the creatures trapped there. The mysterious being who calls himself "Shadow Herald" arrived and forced her out of her comatose state. The cavern, he explained, was of her own creation - it came into being at her need for safety. Rhayny channeled all of her energy, her powers over Shadow and her will into the creation of a new realm within the prison plane: Rhiver.

Rhiver is a near duplicate for her homeland, except that it is a vacant place full of memories of her fallen friends and family.

Endorsement by Ojame

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